A drawing from drawing 0 lead me to "Sacrifices" towards the end of 1989, a project that today contains drawings, sculptures and video projections.

The drawing process quickly gave birth to the desire to allow the figures to leave the drawing board and enter into space, and I started working with the sculptures alongside with the drawings.

Over the next 14 years I worked with the sculptures in an abandoned gravel pit in the woods surrounding Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. Here I also had the opportunity to experiment with kiln burning in conjunction with the experimental archaeology of the prehistoric museum. The charred wood became a counterpart to charcoal.

During these same years digital technology gained a foothold in a serious way and I started developing the idea of extending the dialogue between the drawings and the sculptures with video projections that contain movement as a new element.

From its very beginning the project has not been planned in great detail, but it has over time developed a life of its own, and today I have at my disposal 3 independent blocks that allow for at wide variety of combinations. The photos shown under “Exhibition” describe just a few.

Twice in the process I have received financial support from the Aarhus Artist’s Bursary, all in all D.Kr. 25.000.

This documentation containing all accessible material will - for as long as the project continues - be updated, and it can be viewed on my personal website under the section "New Site". This website contains all personal information.

The documentation is designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

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